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Tunturi fitness equipment Owner's Warranty


The consumer is entitled to the applicable legal rights stated in the national legislation concerning the commerce of consumer goods. This warranty does not restrict these rights. The new fitness equipment that you have purchased carries a manufacturer's warranty granted by Accell Fitness Division B.V. The warranty covers manufacturing flaws caused by materials or labour that occur during the warranty period.

Your Tunturi Distributor will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the flawed parts or equipment in accordance with the conditions set out below. The Purchaser's Warranty is only valid if the item is used in an environment approved by Accell Fitness Division B.V. for that particular equipment. The product-specific approved environment is stated in the Owner's Manual provided with your equipment. Tunturi distinguishes two operating environments:

1. HOME: the product is used only by members of the family for whom the product is purchased.

2. PROFESSIONAL: the product is used by a limited user group, the manner and environment of usage is close to home or controlled testing use, for example in schools, hotels, housing organizations, fire stations, police departments, companies, etc. In professional use, the recommended operating time is a maximum of six (6) hours per day.

Please note that the Purchaser's Warranty terms may vary from one market area (country) to another. So please consult your local distributor or retailer for the local warranty terms.

The warranty period commences from the date on which the original buyer purchases the equipment; the equipment has to remain in the possession of the original buyer/owner; warranty repairs will not extend the warranty period. If you register your product for Home use within two weeks of purchase, you benefit fully from the advantages of Tunturi warranty.


This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the fitness equipment as originally packed by Accell Fitness Division B.V.. The warranty shall apply only under conditions of normal, recommended use of the product as described in the Owner's Manual and providing that Accell Fitness Division B.V.'s instructions for installation, maintenance and use have been complied with. Neither Accell Fitness Division B.V.'s nor the Tunturi Distributors' obligations apply to defects due to reasons beyond their control. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is valid only in countries where Accell Fitness Division B.V. has an authorised importer.

The warranty does not extend to fitness equipment or components that have been modified without the consent of Accell Fitness Division B.V.

Defects resulting from normal wear, misuse, abuse, corrosion, or damage incurred during loading or transportation are not covered. The warranty does not sounds or noises emitted during use where these do not substantially impede the use of the equipment and where they are not caused by a fault in the equipment.

The warranty does not cover maintenance activities, such as cleaning, lubricating, and normal part adjustments, nor installation procedures that customers can accomplish themselves, such as changing uncomplicated meters, pedals and other similar parts not requiring any dismantling / reassembling of the fitness equipment. Warranty repairs carried out by other than authorised Tunturi representatives are not covered.

Failure to follow the instructions given in the Owner's Manual will invalidate the product´s warranty.


The notification of a defect must include the following details:

1. Serial number of the defective product.

2. Date of delivery of the product to the original purchaser.

3. Information about the place and conditions of use of the product (home, light commercial, gym etc.).

4. Precise description of the defect.

  • The sales receipt is a precondition to any warranty action; keep the sales receipt in a safe place. Please note that to qualify for the extended warranty period for home use, you need to register your product.
  • To facilitate warranty action, keep a record of your registration.


Under no circumstances shall Accell Fitness Division B.V. or the Tunturi Distributor be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature arising out of any use or inability to use this equipment.


Despite continuous quality control, individual defects and malfunctions may occur in individual components. Delivering the whole piece of equipment for repair is often unnecessary, as it is usually sufficient to replace the defective part.

Enquiries regarding warranties should be made to your Tunturi Distributor or to the retailer.


Please consult your local distributor or retailer for the local warranty terms concerning labour costs.


At Tunturi, we want to develop our products and services continuously according to our customers' needs and wishes. For this reason, we kindly ask you to complete the Registration Form within 14 days of purchase. By submitting the Registration Form you enable us to serve you as efficiently as possible.


1. You will find the location of the serial number for your equipment on the cover of the Owner's Manual. The serial number consists of 11 or 12 digits, for example 9A9A-01234H.

2. In the Registration Form, fill in details of one person only.

3. Your registration details will be saved in Tunturi's database. However, we recommend that you print out a personal copy of the completed Registration Form; this copy can be used as a quick reference for information needed in case of any warranty action.

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