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Description of register

Description of register as referred to in Section 10 (Description of file) of the Finnish Personal Data Act.

Holder of file
Accell Fitness Division B.V.
Varusmestarintie 26, PL 750
20361 TURKU

Register name
Tunturi fitness equipment customer register

Purpose of processing personal data (purpose of the register)
The information you provide on the equipment registration form will be saved in the Tunturi fitness equipment customer register. This information will be used for customer services, marketing communications and technical support.

Tunturi will not release or publicise your registration details for any purpose whatsoever. Tunturi reserves the right to contact the customer either directly or via a company acting as an agent for Tunturi, for example, to solve any problems with the equipment, for advance notice regarding technical issues, and to announce product updates. Registration gives Accell Fitness Division B.V. the right to store and use registration details.

The information kept on file
The customer register will only contain personal details and information about the equipment. Any other information will be stored in a separate database so that it cannot be connected with the respondentís personal details.

Appropriate sources of information
Personal data will only be collected from equipment registration feedback. The contents of the register will not be updated from other sources.

Appropriate disclosure of information
To enhance the quality of customer service, Tunturi will regularly pass personal data relating to those who have registered equipment on to the Tunturi importer in the relevant country. In Finland information may, if necessary, be passed on to authorised Tunturi fitness equipment service points.

Data will be collected in databases protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical solutions. The databases are locked away and guarded and only specifically selected personnel may access the information held.

Right of access
By virtue of Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, anyone included in the register has the right to examine any information about him or her stored there. A request to access such information should be signed and sent in writing to:
Accell Fitness Division B.V.
Varusmestarintie 26, PL 750
20361 TURKU

Privacy statement
Tunturi is committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal details will be handled in compliance with Finnish law relating to the protection of privacy. There is no need to register separately to use our website. The monitoring of statistics on the website does not involve collecting personal data. Browsing the Tunturi website does not require us to use cookies. We only utilise statistical information to improve our internet service.

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